Doug Engelman Wins Substantial Personal Injury Cases

Attorney Doug Engelman recently settled a lawsuit for his client with compensation in excess of 1.225 million dollars for a pedestrian/auto accident which occurred in Lycoming County. He also recently settled an auto/truck collision case for one million dollars.

In addition, Attorney Engelman recovered over $350,000 in a snowmobile/pick-up collision where the victim, a Pennsylvania resident, was injured in New York State. The client was originally told by his own insurance company that he had waived his rights to underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. However, Attorney Engelman, through diligent investigation, was able to recover these benefits for the client because his insurance company could not produce the proper documentation.

Due to his reputation in resolving complex cases or cases involving significant injury, Doug Engelman, receives referrals from local attorneys as well as from attorneys outside the region. Recently, a complex case involving significant head trauma was referred by a Chicago attorney who sought Engelman to act as local counsel to aggressively advocate for this severely injured client.

Doug Engelman, the managing partner at Lepley, Engelman, Yaw, and Wilk, LLC, has over 35 years experience in personal injury law and has resolved claims in excess of $70,000,000 for victims across North Central Pennsylvania. As well, the law firm has resolved over $100,000,000 in claims for victims of negligence and work related injuries.

The law firm of Lepley, Engelman, Yaw, and Wilk, LLC, takes pride in providing the highest standard of care, professionalism, and good will in representing clients in personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal defense and family law matters.

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