Attorneys George Lepley and Jessica Feese Win Major Pennsylvania Superior Court Decision

When Casey Harriman was convicted for violating a Protection from Abuse (PFA) Order, he turned to the attorneys at Lepley, Engelman, Yaw & Wilk to help with his appeal. Attorneys George Lepley and Jessica Feese took the case to Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, where they explained the case.

Mr. Harriman did not enjoy a peaceful coexistence with his extended family, who were also his neighbors. One of those neighbors obtained a temporary PFA against Mr. Harriman. As a result of this order, Mr. Harriman relinquished his firearms and certified that he did not possess, own, borrow, or have control of any other firearms. As disagreement continued with his neighbors/family, a new PFA was obtained. As officers were attempting to serve the new PFA, the police discovered an unloaded rifle in a building behind Mr. Harriman’s home, on a neighboring property. Mr. Harriman was charged with violating the PFA because he had access to a firearm.

George Lepley and Jessica Feese explained to the Appellate Court that the Trial Court framed the issue on Mr. Harriman having access to a firearm, instead of proving that he “possessed, transferred, or acquired” a firearm, which was prohibited in his PFA order. Because George Lepley and Jessica Feese established the Trial Court did not prove Mr. Harriman had possession of the firearm, the prior conviction was overturned.

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