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Criminal defense lawyer George E. Lepley, Jr.

George E. Lepley, Jr.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Douglas N. Engelman

Douglas N. Engelman

Personal Injury Lawyer

Williamsport Divorce lawyer Janice Ramin Yaw

Janice Ramin Yaw

Of Counsel

Divorce/Family Law Lawyer

Williamsport Personal Injury Lawyer David Wilk

David Wilk

Personal Injury Lawyer

Williamsport Personal Injury lawyer Gary L. Black

Gary L. Black

Personal Injury Lawyer

Williamsport Family Lawyer Meghan Engelman Young

Meghan Engelman Young

Divorce/Family Law Lawyer

Williamsport Family Law Lawyer Heather Lewis

Heather Willis Lewis

Divorce/Family Law Lawyer

Williamsport Divorce/Family Law Lawyer Jason Lepley

Jason Lepley

Divorce/Family Law Lawyer


Personal Injury Lawyer Douglas N. Engelman

Douglas N. Engelman

Personal Injury
Workers' Compensation
Medical Malpractice
Wills & Estates

DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. has recalled two hip replacement products: as ASR Hip Resurfacing System & ASR XL Acetabular System

If you have had hip replacement surgery after 2003 using these products and experienced pain, problems walking, or needed additional hip replacement surgery, call us immediately. You may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering and/or for your added medical bills.

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