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Criminal defense lawyer George E. Lepley, Jr.

George E. Lepley, Jr.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Douglas N. Engelman

Douglas N. Engelman

Personal Injury Lawyer

Williamsport Personal Injury Lawyer David Wilk

David Wilk

Personal Injury Lawyer

Williamsport Divorce lawyer Janice Ramin Yaw

Janice Ramin Yaw

Of Counsel

Divorce / Family Law Lawyer

Williamsport Personal Injury lawyer Gary L. Black

Gary L. Black

Worker's Compensation / Personal Injury Lawyer

Williamsport Divorce/Family Law Lawyer Jason Lepley

Jason Lepley

Divorce/Family Law Lawyer

Criminal & Civil Litigation Lawyer Blake C. Marks

Blake C. Marks

Criminal & Civil Litigation

Criminal Defense / Family Law Lawyer Hank J. Clarke

Hank J. Clarke

Criminal Defense & Family Law

Answers to frequently-asked legal questions


Personal Injury claims: You have a right to know...

I've been injured in a car accident.
Do I need an attorney?

I have been injured in an auto accident.
The insurance company for the other driver keeps calling me.
Should I talk with them?

My son was bitten by a neighbor's dog. He needs plastic surgery.
Can I receive monies from the dog's owner to defray costs?

I was injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.
Can I recover monies from the tavern that served him?

I broke my arm at work because my machine malfunctioned.
Can I sue my employer?

I was injured in a car accident that wasn't my fault.
Besides my medical bills and wage loss, how much can I recover for my pain and suffering?

Personal Injury Proceeds may be Divided in Divorce


My wife left and took our children. She has now filed for child support and spousal support
through Domestic Relations. Do I need an attorney at the hearing?

I paid for my spouse's education. He has filed for divorce. Can I recover these expenses?

I owned my home prior to my marriage. My banker is requiring me to deed the property into joint names to be
approved for a mortgage. In the event of divorce, will my spouse be entitled to the property?

I will be receiving a large settlement from an accident. I pay child support.
Do I need to report this money?

Why should I prepare a will after my separation or divorce?

Do I need fault grounds to obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania?

The Refinancing Conundrum: Will Refinancing Make Your Pre-Marital Home Joint Property?


Overview of Burglary in Pennsylvania

Should I hire an attorney if I am arrested for Driving Under the Influence?

The Importance of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

DUI During COVID – How Laws have Changed in 2020

Criminal Law Basics - How Criminal Law Works

Seeking a Clean Slate

Criminal Charges - The First Steps


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